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The Cleaner Production services offered by the Cleaner Production Unit of the Environmental Research Center / Royal Scientific Society (ERC / RSS) materializes a successful cooperation with a Swiss Reference Center, below is an introduction of the parties engaged in this endeavor.


Who is ERC/RSS


ERC/RSS provides high quality services on a sustainable base to enterprises in the field of CP techniques and methodologies as well as Cleaner Technologies (CT).

The core objective of the CP Unit at the Environmental Research Centre of the Royal Scientific Society (ERC/RSS) is to assist the industrial sectors in Jordan to produce in a sustainable manner, thus improving their competitive position. CP is thereby an approach which reduces environmental pollution with positive financial benefits for the enterprise.

The overall objective of the CP project is to contribute towards a sustainable industrial production mode in Jordan increasing the long-term competitive position of enterprises while reducing their environmental pollution by applying cost-effective measures and technologies. Jordan shall thus be also in a better position to benefit in a sustainable manner from a global economy.

For more information contact:
ERC Director, Eng. Rafat Assi
E-Mail : rafat@rss.gov.jo


Who is the Swiss Reference Centre



The Institute of Environmental Technology (IfU) of FHNW has proven knowledge in the development, organization and execution of graduate and post-graduate courses in the field of environmental technology and management. Its education and research activities are focused on industrial ecology, water resources management, CP and waste minimization. It is engaged in several national as well as in international projects and programmes for industrial waste prevention and CP. It also organized numerous international training events in Switzerland and abroad.



Sustainable Business Associates is an international Non Governmental Organization (NGO) that is working to engage industrialists in ‘eco-efficiency’ with the aim of minimizing environmental impact and improving business productivity. SBA’s main area of expertise lies in a participatory capacity development including training as well as the elaboration of eco-management tools and their respective training modules and in-plant implementation. SBA has also acquired a good expertise in waste management and waste recycling projects as well as environ-ment-economic studies.