Arab CP forum


What is Arab CP Forum?

Arab CP Forum is an e-mail based discussion group. Every member can send an email to the following address (arabcpforum@yahoogroups.com) which in turn will be forwarded to all the members in the group.

Arab CP Forum yahoo group aims at exchanging information, experience and tips related to Cleaner Production issues among the participants and the governmental institutions of the Arab countries in the region.


How do I subscribe to Arab CP Forum?

  • By clicking on the following link: (Only If you have a yahoo account or you would like to open a new account)

  • By registration:
    Send a registration e-mail to: arabcpforum-subscribe@yahoogroups.com , the moderator of this group will get a message regarding your request to register then he will approve you as a new member.

  • By Invitation :
    If the administrator of the group emails you an invitation to join Arab CP Forum yahoo group, you simply need to accept the invitation by Replying to the email (send a blank message just reply( . You can send your email address to the following e mail: nuwwara@rss.gov.jo


How do I use Arab CP Forum ?

  • 1. Every member of Arab CP Forum can send an email to (arabcpforum@yahoogroups.com), which will be forwarded automatically to other members in Arab CP Forum.

  • 2. Make sure to Sign your emails with your details (first name, last name, organization and country)

  • 3. In order to avoid spam the moderator will approve all emails which have been sent

You can access and view at all times any emails sent to Arab CP Forum yahoo group at the following address: