Research Study & Seminar on Clean Development Mechanism (CDM)


Researchers from FHNW (Ms. Cornelia Wolf and Mr Rene Baebler) have started a research work in Jordan on CDM. The research will investigate the potential for CDM projects in Jordan, the procedures for CDM applications and a case study with an industrial partner.

In parallel to the research work, the Royal Scientific Society (RSS) and the Ministry of Environment (MoEnv) in cooperation with the Amman Chamber of Industry invited major Jordanian industries to attend a seminar about Clean Development Mechanism (CDM). This seminar was held on May 24, 2006 at Amman Chamber of Industry



The objectives of the seminar were:

  • To provide the participants with background information about the CDM concept and its financial procedures.

  • To introduce the research study about the CDM potential in Jordan that will be conducted at RSS.

  • To inform about a potential framework between Jordan and Switzerland (with FHNW).

  • To suggest a CDM case study.

Three presentations were held:

  1. Introduction to Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) by Mr. Rafat Assi, RSS.

  2. National Mechanism for Certifying CDM Projects by Mr. Mohammad Alam, MoEnv.

  3. Research study on CDM application in Jordan by Mr. Rene Baebler and Ms. Cornelia Wolf, FHNW.