Economic Evaluation of the Environment


Amman, 27 July 2006 – Princess Sumaya University for Science and Technology (PSUT) and the Royal Scientific Society (RSS) in close cooperation with Ecosys Inc. and Sustainable Business Associates (SBA) held a one week training course on ‘Economic Evaluation of the Environment’ from 23-27 July 2006. The training course took place under the patronage of H.R.H Princess Sumaya Bint El-Hassan with the support of the Swiss government.



In line with the strategy of the Ministry of Environment, the training course provided 30 Jordanian participants from different Ministries, industries, NGOs and universities with the technical skills to:

  • Organise the collection and entry of economic and environmental data at the micro, meso and macro levels.

  • Calculate environmental damage and inefficiency costs and their related remediation costs.

  • Compile the environment-economic profile of a sector or an urban community.

  • Analyse results and draw guiding conclusions.

  • Develop plans tackling environmental issues with an economic perspective.


In addressing the economic implications of environmental degradation participants were provided with theoretical and practical training. Participants were exposed to issues regarding interdependence of the economy and the environment while analysing regulatory instruments such as ecological taxation which provide a link for the two domains. Concurrently, meso-economic studies were provided so as to highlight practical examples of the theories being discussed. Namely case studies were provided on the cement and electricity sectors and urban communities in the Mashreq and Maghreb countries.



The long-term objective of the MESO-programme is to reduce environmental impact of industries, improve general well-being of the population while increasing economic efficiency, setting a value on environmental goods and services, facilitating choices with regard to environmental and economic constraints, incorporating environmental dimension in the planning of activities and implementing corrective actions.

These objectives will be supported by a sequence of focused activities including general and specialised training in the Mashreq and Maghreb countries in order to build up the local capacities of Arab experts in meso-economic analyses. In this respect and at a larger scale, PSUT and RSS with the support of its Swiss partners will be launching a Master in Environment Technology and Management. This unique postgraduate training is due to start in 2007.