Renewable Energies and Energy Efficiency Conference


Under the patronage of H.R.H. Prince El Hassan Bin Talal, the The Royal Scientific Society (RSS) in cooperation with the Friedrich Ebert Foundation (FES) and the National Energy Research Centre (NERC) has organized a conference on


" Renewable Energies in Jordan"
May, 23-24, 2006 .



The main objectives of this conference were to discuss the following issues:

  • Reducing Jordan's dependency on the import of fossil energies in the medium and long run.

  • To produce equipment for renewable energy

  • To develop expertise in the efficient use of energy for the local and regional markets.


    Representing the Cleaner Production Unit of RSS, Eng Rafat Assi highlighted energy saving schemes through the implementation of cleaner production (CP) in Jordan; case studies from real life applications in Jordan were presented. The CP initiative is carried out by improving the performance (optimization of processes and operations) of local industries through know-how and technology transfer, and deals with the improvement of both the economic performance (productivity and competitiveness) as well as the environmental performance of the enterprises.


    Attendants were from different areas and backgrounds, there were Jordanian and international experts in renewable energy, business people who are interested in knowing about modern technologies, decision makers from various sectors of the society as well as representatives from the international communities.