An Introductory Seminar to Cleaner Production Project


The Royal Scientific Society (RSS) CPU, represented by Dr. Bassam Hayek and Eng. Rafat Assi, held an Introductory Seminar on Cleaner Production Project on Monday 5th of September, 2005 at the Jordan Industrial Estates Corporation.

Large numbers of industries from the food sector were invited to attend this seminar.

The main aim of this seminar was to introduce the concept of cleaner production (CP) and to raise the awareness of SMEs of the benefits of CP.



The seminar also covered methodology, tools, and implementation steps of the CP assessment. Several examples and success stories for companies which have already implemented CP assessment at their industries were also presented.


Afterwards discussion took place between the participants and the RSS CPU team.Many companies showed their interest in this project and expressed their willingness to participate. They have also asked the RSS team to visit them onsite to explain the CP concept to a large number of staff.