RSS Launches Cleaner Production Project



RSS has embarked on a Cleaner Production (CP) project to help industries yield cleaner and more efficient ways of production. The project is a three-year programme designed and run by the CP Unit of RSS Environmental Research Centre, the project will help Jordanian industrial firms improve the efficiency of the production activities and in turns their competitiveness in the market.

The project has attracted five local firms in the fields of paints and metal manufacturing in its first one-year phase. These firms, and the others that will join the programme in the coming two years, seek to take advantage of RSS' expertise in the CP field to become more qualified to deliver competitively priced products that meet costumer satisfaction, as they are produced in an environmentally sound manner.

The overall objective of the CP project is to contribute towards a sustainable industrial production mode in Jordan, increasing the long-term competitive position of enterprises while reducing their environmental pollution by applying cost-effective measures and technologies.

The CP concept is not simply a question of changing equipment. It is a matter of changing attitudes and behaviors in doing business, applying know-how and improving production processes as well as the product itself.

The programme is based on an anticipate and prevent philosophy. Targeting certain industries should not be seen as an indication of environmental problems caused by these companies. RSS believes that "prevention is better than cure."

By the end of the program, which includes training and in-plant application, companies are expected to improve resources management, lower production costs, secure a stronger footing in the global market and ensure more motivated personnel.

The programme is technically supported by three Swiss institutes, namely Institute of Environmental Technology, the Sustainable Business Associates and Carbotech Inc.