Policy advice : CP and link between CP & environmental economics, round table discussion at the Ministry of Environment


Under the patronage of HE Khaled Al Irani Minister of Environment, the CPU and the Swiss Reference Center held the first introductory training and policy advice roundtable discussion on Monday 3rd of October, 2005. At this event, the link between CP and Environment economics was brought up and discussed among the participants, who were mainly decision makers, and participants from governmental authorities and the partners of the Jordan Cleaner Production Program. The event was organized in cooperation with the Ministry of Environment.



At the beginning of the session, HE Al Irani emphasized on the importance of environmental cost as it is not yet taken into account by planners & developers and that may result in a dispute between environmental society and the economic society if the concept and the objectives were not clear. HE stressed that it is needed to build the capacity and to institutionalize environmental economics at the Ministry with the support and assistance of international organizations and experts in this field.


Dr.Hayek the director of the environmental research center at the Royal Scientific Society introduced the CP project of RSS and clarified that due to the obvious need for bringing up the environmental cost and price of natural resources, the CP project of RSS contracted Prof .Gonzague Pillet, a prominent figure in this field, to present a position paper outlining the environmental cost /prices for Jordan and to present the links between environment economics and CP as a step for building the awareness and to initiate the process of discussion for adopting environmental costs and prices.


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Dr.Hayek assured that this round table discussion can be a building block for bringing environmental economics into practice in cooperation with the ministry.


Prof. Pillet presented the link between CP and Environmental Economics in a very practical way; he also shared experiences from the MENA region from the previous work done in Algeria. Prof. Pillet brought to the attention that incentives are better ways to enhance the adoption of CP; he also showed that proper pricing of natural resources can be an efficient tool for protecting the resources and also promoting CP.


Group work was moderated by Mr. Kareem Al Zein president of SBA, the task of the group work was to outline how CP can be enhanced based on the link with Environmental Economics from both legal and incentive aspects.

A number of proposed recommendations were reached and a tentative time frame & responsible party was also assigned.


To download documents presented by Prof. Pillet  click here : Position paper , Power presentation