Technical Tour


A technical tour was conducted to Switzerland, Germany and Belgium during the period 4-9 July; 2005.Three persons from Jordan participated in the tour; the general manager of Arabian steel Pipes Company (ASP) and the engineer in charge of the galvanizing line in addition to a representative of CP Unit at RSS. The tour was organized and facilitated by FHBB, Institute of Environmental Technology.


During the tour the participants visited several hot dip galvanizing plants, held meetings with experts of galvanizing, suppliers of chemicals, consultants and engineering companies. Technical questions of CP team of ASP were discussed and answered during the tour.


Several technical options were identified and business contacts were established with European companies, suppliers and consultants. ASP identified some areas for know how& technological transfer which can be of benefit for their plant in Jordan. The knowledge and information regarding the European technology could be shared with other Jordanian companies during the course of implementing CP project.