The second year CP training and assessment Program


The Cleaner Production unit (CPU) has launched the second year CP training and assessment Program on Sunday 25th of Sep, 2005.

Several industrial enterprises are attending this program which will include three comprehensive training workshops and practical application at the enterprises. The first module has been held at RSS during (25th -28th Sep, 2005).



A highly qualified staff from the CPU and together with senior experts from FHBB, SBA and NERC (National Energy Research Center) has covered the theoretical, methodological and practical aspects of:

  • Environmental management tools.

  • Eco efficiency and Environmental management systems (EMS).

  • Quick scan and CP potentials.

  • Good House Keeping, Eco-Mapping and Material flow analysis.

  • Energy efficiency.

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Each subject presented was followed by group work exercise to assure that the whole concept is well understood.

Application at the enterprises will take place until Jan 2006, where the second training module will be delivered.