The 9th annual meeting of UNIDO Unit


Dr. Bassam Hayek Director of the Environmental Research Center (ERC) and the leader of the Cleaner Production Unit has attended the 9th annual meeting of UNIDO/UNEP National Cleaner Production Centers NCPCs and Programms NCPPs at Semmering, Austria (Sep. 24 28, 2007). Participants were mainly directors of the various National Cleaner Production Centers NCPCs.



This meeting was more like a networking session as it brought together all institutions & organizations involved in UNIDO Cleaner production projects and programs.

The main topics that were discussed focused on some key areas of UNIDO'S interventions for technical cooperation & productivity enhancement. Of theses topics were the inclusion of " CP plus" services in CP program as an effective strategy for better response to new challenges & global requirements. Strengthening the role of UNIDO as facilitator of national and international CP network and enhancing the sustainability of CP program were also among the topics discussed.

The CP Unit represented by Dr Hayek and Mr Karim Zein (Swiss Reference Center) presented the activity of the CP Excellence Award that was successfully implemented in Jordan for the 2007 cycle. Various NCPC expressed interest in the system as it was realized an effective tool to enhance CP implementation.

All Participants were asked to exhibit various information about their CP centers major achievements at a marketplace session. The CP Unit contribution is shown below.


Important achievements of the Cleaner production Unit of Jordan exhibited at the market place session.