Training Workshop: CDM and financial Assessment of CP in Jordan


Within the scope of the plan of operation for the second year of the advisory services provided to the CPU/RSS and under the supervision of Dr. Jurg Grutter, a workshop was held in Jordan during the period of November 27 30, 2005.



What is CDM?

The Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) is one of the flexible mechanisms emerged from the Kyoto Protocol. This mechanism is designed to provide developed countries with flexibility to meet the greenhouse gases (GHG) emission reduction targets that they agreed to under the Protocol. This is achieved by allowing them to take credits from GHG emission reducing projects undertaken in developing countries which serves their sustainable development process as well.

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Lectures presented in the workshop have covered the following topics:

  • An introduction to CDM (Clean Development Mechanism) & some examples showing the application of this concept.

  • Core elements of CDM project and the process of project documents preparation, validation, registration and certification.

  • Economic assessment of CP options and frequent errors based on real case studies.


    Several practices on solving problems related to the topic have been carried out in groups, and different case studies from Jordan have been discussed as well.

    In addition to RSS Cleaner Production Unit staff, different target groups attended this workshop. These included the Designated National Authority of Ministry of Environment, members of National CDM committee, and members of Cleaner Production Consortium.

    Industrial enterprises can approach RSS for services on developing project document as well on advising on the application process.


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