Cleaner Production Unit (CPU) of Jordan was established in 2004 with the support of Secretariat of Economic Affairs (seco) on behalf of the Swiss Government.
CPU is hosted at the Royal Scientific Society (RSS), a national Non-for Profit Organization.
CPU aims at supporting the industry in Jordan through Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production (RECP) approach that gives industry the opportunity to manage business effectively reducing the risks related to price volatility and disruption on material supply chains and increases energy costs.
RECP approach enables industry to enhance resource productivity by capturing saving opportunities in energy, water and raw material consumption.



Cleaner Production (CP) as one major field of international co-operation of the Swiss Government is an output of the Rio Conference on Development and Environment 1992. Equal to other international environmental conventions the Rio Declaration called for a vigorous transfer of environmentally sound technologies and for effective technology transfer mechanisms. In response to this demand, the Secretariat for Economic Affairs (seco) on behalf of the Swiss Government decided to develop a coherent instrument to promote technology transfer working through Cleaner Production Centers

What We Do

  • Solid Waste Management (SWM)
  • Environmental Noise Pollution Modeling (ENPM)
  • Noise Measurements and Assessment (NMA)
  • Air Quality Modeling
  • Air Quality Measurements
  • Chemical Management
  • Risk Assessment (RA) and Management
  • Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)
  • Cleaner Production Assessment (CP)
  • Environmental Audit (EA)
  • Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA)

Solid Waste Management (SWM)

Solid Waste Management refers to “the supervised handling of waste material from generation at the source through the recovery processes to disposal” as defined byGlossary of Environment Statistics, Studies in Methods, (more…)

Environmental Noise Pollution Modeling (ENPM)

An Environmental Noise Pollution Modelling (ENPM) software is used to enable the prediction of noise propagation outdoor. Background noise level and noise source (actual or expected) are taken into consideration (more…)

Noise Measurements and Assessment (NMA)

Noise is is unwanted, annoying and harassing sound which may adversely affect the people’s physical, mental and social well-being.

Noise is divided into two types: environmental (ambient) noise andworking area noise (more…)

Air Quality Modeling

Air pollution dispersion modelling is the term used to describe using mathematical theory to understand, or predict the way pollutants behave in the atmosphere.

Modelling can be used to understand environmental (more…)

Air Quality Measurements

Air pollution is defined as the presence of one or more contaminants in the atmosphere with such a concentration and for such a duration that causes it (them) to be harmful to human health or welfare, animal (more…)

Chemical Management

Chemical Management helps the company to improve its overall chemical safety by setting out a process for identifying hazards and risks in the storage and handling processes, providing appropriate risk reduction measures (more…)

Risk Assessment (RA) and Management

Risk Assessment (RA) and Management is an approach that prevents potential hazards on health and environment.
RAis a common first step in a risk management process. It is the determination of

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is a comprehensive ecological assessment that identifies the energy, materialand waste flows of products, processes and servicesand their impact on the environment. This cradle (more…)

Cleaner Production Assessment (CP)

Cleaner Production (CP) is “the continuous application of an integrated, preventive environmental strategy towards processes, products and services in order to increase overall efficiency and reduce damage and risks (more…)

Environmental Audit (EA)

Environmental Audit is “a management tool comprising a systematic, documented, periodic and objective evaluation of how well environmental organization, management and equipment are performing in the aim of (more…)

Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA)

Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA)is “a process for predicting and assessing the potential environmental and social impacts of a proposed project, evaluating alternatives and designing appropriate (more…)

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Husam Alkilany Manager of Environmental Studies division and member of Cleaner production team .Has Bsc and Msc in water resources and environmental engineering form Jordan …

Rawia Abdullah (B.Sc. in Chemical Engineering)She is a senior environmental specialist and Member of the Cleaner Production unit at Royal Scientific Society.She has long experience in …

Baraa holds M.Sc. in Chemical Engineering. She has 9 years of experience in air quality monitoring and assessment. She has participated in many air quality …

Ahmad Abu-Safa, is a Senior Environmental Specialist in Environmental Consultations and Studies, Biodiversity Conservation and Wildlife. He holds a Master Degree in Environmental Sciences from …

Jehan Haddad Manager of Air Quality Division at WE center. Her work includes air quality monitoring and assessment, environmental impact assessment and air pollution dispersion modelling. …

Musab Al-Hour Graduating from University of Jordan, Jordan with a master Degree –Environmental Science and Management, Musab Al-Hour established his career path as an enthusiastic …

Rafat Assi: Director of Cleaner production Unit, director of water and environment center at RSS. Has master of engineering in Env. Management from University of …

Salah Abu-Salah, M.Sc. Eng., M.Sc. Eng. Salah is an Environmental Engineer working at Royal Scientific Society. He holds a Master’s degree in Solid Waste Engineering …




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